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R & D center

The R & D center is based on 20 R & D personnel to carry out the design and development of different models. Through the new design system and model, the creative space for customers and developers to develop machinery is satisfied. The module design dominated by 3D CAD can realize the verification of production and manufacturing from the design stage to ensure high-quality modularization.

Production workshop

Implement from the frame segmentation, welding, spraying to the production of high precision gantry machining center, rigorous and orderly installation and debugging, and high efficiency in large-scale special production workshop. The production capacity reaches 100 machines per month, and the whole network real-time monitoring system is used.


Accessories Center

It covers the core facilities of the company's service projects such as pre-sale services. On the premise of networking with all domestic customers, it is equipped with a computer system that is fully connected to the headquarters system, which can handle previous maintenance records and huge daily service information.



Add:Room 101, Building 1, No.8 Huanwei Street, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City



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